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Re: Psychic Powers and "The M...

Dec 31, 1994 03:52 PM
by LieselFD


I like your very thorough & well put together post re: psychic
powers.  There's one thing I don't agree with, although I don't
know a better answer.  You advise to suppress any psychic powers
one may have, & I've been taught never to suppress anything,
because it then tends to come out somewhere, somehow, in an
uncontrollable, disagreeable manner.  I was taught to deal with
things in another way than to suppress, but not being psychic
myself, I've never asked anyone, or tried to read up on what you
do if you have them.  They must be dealt with in some way,
because, as you say, our aim is to develop our connection to the
High Self.

Best to you, Brenda & the baby,
Happy New Year

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