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PS TO: Murray & Art

Dec 29, 1994 10:07 PM
by LieselFD

I think I better say what I meant with "I know", or there'll be
another whole altercation.  It's not new ; I said this before, a
few days ago, and it doesn't depend on any witnesses..  My
statement was dug in with other material.  Leadbeater was a very
powerful healer.  If he'd had any aberration to start with, he
could have healed himself of it, or if he couldn't have been able
to do it alone, he could have instructed one of his older pupils
to help him, if the pupil didn't already know how to do it.
There was no reason for CWL to have any kind of aberration.  I
think that communication is loud & clear.  Isn't it?


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