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TO: Murray & Art

Dec 29, 1994 09:09 PM
by LieselFD


Thank you for your 2 posts.  They are a pleasure to read as
always.  You always have something interesting to add that makes
a lot of sense.  I like your explanation to Art re authority.
It's solid & elucidating.  As to your "CWL, conflict, &
relationships" I'm with you all the way.  I could say more to try
to prove to you that CWL was innocent, but I think the standpoint
you take is satisfactory.  Thanks for your input.


If you like Celtic things, I have a set of tapes of Yves Marcel,
MD, Theosophist, Breton, Frenchman.  The Bretons are Celts.  When
I first heard him speak, I thought he had an Irish brogue.  He
talks about Druids, Breton lore, Irish lore etc.  Did you know
that your wisdom resides in your pinkie? If you'd like to borrow
my set, please let me know.  If you want to buy a set, I think
you have the address of The Krotona Institute in Ojai Ca.  That's
where he gave the lectures.  He's delightful.


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