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W.Parrette & Proj.Outreach

Dec 30, 1994 09:10 AM
by LieselFD


I'm sending you a whole bunch of happy, prosperous thought forms,
to help you with your job search.



Dick, who edits the "High Country Theosophist", initiated Project
Outreach several years ago.  It's a _non-denominational_
Theosophical project to be in contact & support a Third World
Theosophical Study Center.  The support consists of TS advice &
sending books, so they can make up their own minds about things
that interest them.  Dick has a list of groups waiting.  If
anyone wants to participate, he can be contacted at

High Country Theosophist
140 S. 33 St.
Boulder, Colo. 80303

As a coda to this, the "HIgh Country Theosophist" is also
worthwhile subscribing to.  It costs $7.50 a year.  Dick also has
a list of gratis 3rd world subscribers.

My own part in Project Outreach began a little over 2 years ago.
I'm in touch with a Center in Africa, & with 1 in Russia.  The
Africans have been a Center for some 12 years now.  I'm doing ok
with them, because Wheaton has been donating some of their
overstocked books, which are usually earmarked to go to people
behind bars who request them.  All I'm paying for Africa is the
postage, which runs to $10.- & per month (I have been sending
packages to both groups monthly).  As an extra, I've just renewed
the subscription to "Quest" for both groups.  They all enjoy "The
Quest", & asked for a renewed subscription.

I could use some help with the Russian group, or rather books
especially for its President, a young family man with a little
girl.  From what Dick published in 1 "High Country T" & which
doesn't come from my source at all, is that any Theosophists
under Communism, went to their President's house 1 by 1 and what
was taught was learned by heart.  Some of them landed up in
prison & etc.  I don't know how my contact managed.  Over time, I
found out that he, was a Jungian psychologist, who was doing
group therapy.  I have no idea as to how he learned about Jung at
all, nor how he used him in his practice.  Jung was Verboten
under the Communists.  Jungian purpose is to develop self
actualizing individuals, people who are mature enough to think &
act for themselves etc., something contrary to what Communism
demanded of its comrades.  Before my contact dared tell me this,
he had asked me & I had sent him a whole set of Assagioli's
writings, (who was an Italian TS member, a pupil of Freud,
invented psycho-synthesis rather than analysis), a book on
mandala drawing, & one on music therapy, among others.  After he
told me, I've been concentrating on the works of Jung.  With his
last letter, he sent me a new wish list.  I'm putting all this on
theos-l because I'll go broke if I don't get some help with the
Russians, or rather, I'm going to have to stop.  I'm a retiree, &
I just don't have $40.- , $50.- per month to spend on even a very
worthwhile project.  I think it's very worthwhile.  He's teaching
his patients to become thinking, independent human beings, who
can use their brain power & their guts to make their country go
in a democratic direction., in whatever field their activities
lie.  He's teaching a number of Russians to become more
democratic and less automatonic.  I can afford the postage, which
comes to $10.- +.  I'm hoping that some of you will send me
either some books (they can be well preserved used) from his wish
list, or some money so I can buy them gradually, & send them
gradually.  Here is what he asked me for in his last letter:
These are books not yet available in Russia.  His English is good
enough to understand the books.  (The Theosophical classics are
available in Russian, so there's no need to mail those.)

Jung, "Collected Works" V. 9 ( I & II), V. 12,13,14
Edward C. Whitmont "The Symbolic Quest"
Carol S. Pearson "Awakening The Hero Within"
Charles Breaux "Journey into Consciousness"
Edward F. Edinger "Anatomy of The Psyche"
Deldon Anne McNeely "Touching: Body Therapy & Depth" Psychology"
Christine Downing (ed) "Mirrors of the Self"
Robert A. Johnson "Inner Work"
Stephan Kaplan-Willis "Dreamworking"
Dora Kalff "Sandplay"

It's a versatile list, showing that he's trying to tackle his
problem people from lots of different directions, which I think
shows initiative & imagination on his part.  None of these books
are familiar to me.  Someone familiar with psycho-therapy might
find that some of the titles are dated, & that something more
up-to-date & improved upon is available.  I'd also mail
reasonable facsimiles by other authors, if someone would like to
donate them.  I think the knowledge is more important than the

Hoping to get some help from some of you.  I'll acknowledge
donations.  If you send money, I'll let you know back what it was
spent on.


My address is
Liesel F. Deutsch
Box 275
Syracuse NY 13205

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