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brotherhood redefined

Dec 27, 1994 12:04 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.

Dear John,

I hope you don't mind my taking the liberty to write to you.  I
have read your articles in The American Theosophist (or I think
it was called Quest then) and think you were really able to stir
up many theosophists into thinking through several of your ideas.

I enjoyed your recent post, but don't particularly enjoy the
network anymore since the discussions concerning Leadbeater's
morals.  I think his decisions are personal and private and I
have nothing but esteem for the man.

I was drawn to write to you upon hearing that you had been taught
by devas.  I think most intelligent people would propose to
question you about this, but I feel that it is too intruding and
that you should say what you feel is appropriate to the level of
understanding in the group which you are addressing.

However, I would especially like to question you further
regarding my own thoughts on the subject and to hear your
comments about my developing an opinion of the "truth of the

As an example, I have a four year old daughter who had a friend
visit her a few days ago.  The two of them asked to use my
daughter's bottle of fingernail polish and as I was busy with my
infant, I asked them to wait until I could help them, but they
would not and went ahead and tried to paint their nails, even
refusing to sit at the kitchen table when I requested it.  After
the young friend went home, when I was moving around the house, I
noticed a smear of this paint on the marble in the bathroom and
could "hear" or "sense" the thought from Stephanie, Galina's
friend, that "she had made what they call at her house 'a nice
mess'" because it was easy to clean up and hadn't ruined
anything.  I thought that was swell so I didn't react in my usual
manner of disgust or irritation.  The next time I encountered
more of the paint it was on the glass top of my vanity in my room
and this produced the same thought, "another nice mess from
Galina and Stephanie." I had hoped that was all and that they
really were careful with the polish, but suspected at the same
time that there may be more.  This morning I again caught sight
of a spot of polish (or so it appears) on a bedroom quilt near
the baby's changing table.  As this playtime of theirs had taken
place over a week ago, it had been several days that I had not
noticed the 'damage' and was surprised to catch again the sound
of Stephanie telling her mother, "they had used fingernail polish
at Galina's house" implying that it should be all right for her
mother to allow her to use it without any help.

I think it's a little peculiar that the damage appeared when the
thought occurred regarding Stephanie's independence in the matter
and am at awe about the beauty of these two friends' relationship
and the deva that may be at work between them.  I feel that it is
the deva which is delivering the "sound" of the friend's thought,
which is certainly intertwined with her experience at home with
the girl's mother, who is also becoming a friend of mine.

Since brotherhood had been written about on the network, I took
down my book of that title from the Agni Yoga Society and opened
it to a dog eared page I had marked YEARS before.  The message is
of interest to this topic of devas so I would like to repeat it

255.  Besides, people do not wish to observe how the process of
thinking is dependent upon changes in surroundings.  Such
observations can make manifest many physical reactions, and along
with this they may reveal that among visible influences others
are continually to be perceived, invisible yet extremely
powerful.  Whoever is ready for fraternal labor must know how to
watch himself.

252.  Quite a few people think that Brotherhood does not exist at

241.  In brotherhoods it is advised that mutual ridicule and
defamation be avoided.  Even in complex circumstances it is
possible to find positive factors, and by such stones it is less
dangerous to cross the stream.  Abuse, like a thistle, grows
rapidly, and with it there is no advance.  Frequently, words are
employed which call forth emanations not at all good.  Each word
impresses a glyph upon the aura.  Man must take the
responsibility for his own engenderments.  Filth is unfitting in
any brotherhood.

242....  People do not like to acknowledge, voluntarily or
otherwise, how often a grain of dissension ruins the best
combinations.  Man can be likened to a magnet, yet even a magnet
may become demagnetized if it be put in disadvantageous
surroundings.  Thus, one should accustom oneself to watching over
the small grains.  Unity cannot flourish if grit has been spilled
on each wheel.

251.  Threat and violence are not of Our domain.  Compassion and
warning will be the province of Brotherhood.  One would have to
be of a cruel nature to take a warning for a threat.  People
judge according to them- selves....the evil see evil, whereas the
good see good.  The same truth carries through in all branches of
knowledge.  Only very keen eyes distinguish where is reality and
where the mirage of a casual mood.

256....  It has been said that the web of the Most High consists
of sparks; consequently, if one discerns even a single spark it
will already be a big attainment.  But in such experiments it is
possible to achieve success only through mutual trust.  Valuable
information can be brought even by children, country folk, and
various workers in whom even a single spark with which they have
come in contact has caught hold.  Very often people actually
preserve some memories but are ashamed to talk about them.  Such
hiding places must be approached solicitously.  They will not be
revealed to an arrogant interrogator or to a hurrying passer-by.
Moreover, earthly law prohibits touching upon what is professed
to be sacred.  Physicians frequently call such confessions

So, what I believe I am asking, is first, do you believe that a
deva can be an intermediary for human communication? Second, do
they enjoy the finest detail, preferring to build intricate form?
Third, have you ever thought of brotherhood as the Agni Yoga book
quoted above describes it, thoughts lying alongside each other in
the accomplishment of some noble work?

"The basis of Brotherhood is trust in work." BROTHERHOOD, #258,
p.  133.

One last thing regarding my esteem for Leadbeater, caution has
always been advised as a virtue, as brotherhood has been attacked
by ignoble forces before and is not immune to decay, but requires
defense and protection.

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