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Re: RMartin to Arthur; 'authority issue'

Dec 27, 1994 10:46 AM
by Arthur Patterson

At 12:56 PM 12/27/94, euser wrote:

>I remember reading some questions of yours about 'authority'
>of H.P. Blavatsky and the Masters.

It was not just the issue of Blavasky or the Masters sense of
their own authority but what we bind ourselves to.  How to
determine personal authority.  If you would be kind enought to
re-read the authority post I sent you, you would see the question
of authority in the context I wanted to discuss it.  I would like
to get your feedback after you reveiw it if you have time.

>How could they? They _never_ intended to found a new religion
>and they wish us to think for ourselves.

The establishment of personal authority is not a question of
religion in the strictest sense, unless you consider religio to
bind as linked to auctoratus to bind.

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