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Je Tsong-khapa's birthday

Dec 27, 1994 10:29 AM
by Dara Eklund

Over 600 years ago a great Adept was born in Eastern Tibet.  Much
of Central Asia followed and now follows his teachings.  In 1994
his birthday is celebrated today, Dec.  27.  Je Rinpoche, as the
Tibetans call him, reached, as did Buddha, the highest adeptship
possible on this planet, so say THE MAHATMA LETTERS.  Theosophy
teaches that he was an incarnation of Gautama Buddha.

Since my wife Dara and I, Nicholas, are new subscribers we are
not quite up to speed on whatever sturm and drang is going on
now, but Je Rinpoche has a great deal to say on "patience sweet
which naught can ruffle".  Here is a droplet from his cloud of

"Patience is the best ornament of real heroes, A supreme
self-mortification to overcome delusions, The Garuda bird to
destroy the snake of anger, Armor to protect one from the arrows
of criticism.  Knowing this, in every way familiarize yourself
With the armor of patience supreme."

There are at least two components needed to make a kindly
society.  One of them is the ever-popular, be loving, think
lovingly, speak & write lovingly; for everyone to radiate love.
This is the element most emphasized in today's culture.  But the
other half is not so popular.  The ability to forbear, to absorb
anger, hate & other negatives -- to put up with all the bile and
vileness that comes our way -- that needs to be practiced much
more by one and all, don't you think?

Je Tsongkhapa is one of many excellent guides on how to do this.


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