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Re: the Masters

Dec 19, 1994 01:20 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Liesel--

Maybe we're approaching agreement.  The last thing I wanted to do
was disparage Krishnamurti.  Although the Sloss book reveals some
unsavory personal details, I don't think that there's a thing
that K.  ever wrote or said publicly that I can disagree with.
He intervened in a decisive and exemplary way in TS history.
Gradually, we have gotten back on the right track as a result.

The point of my post to Art wasn't to dredge up old antagonisms,
but to suggest that the TS has grown up since those times and is
no longer so likely to harbor unhealthy approaches to the

About CWL, I think it interesting that in one of Mary Lutyens's
books, she says that Krishna would rarely discuss him, but did
once respond to a question by saying fiercely "Leadbeater was
evil." But in Pupul Jayakar's biography, she says that when
Krishna was welcomed back to Headquarters after Radha was
elected, he stood before CWL's portrait for a long time, and
finally said "Peace." If Krishna could forgive having been
dragged through such a weird youth, then in that moment a certain
amount of negative karma was perhaps absorbed/resolved.

As HPB said, our Western minds were just not ready to deal in a
mature way with the concept of Masters, and she regretted having
brought the idea to such widespread notoriety.  What I wonder is
if society at large is any more capable now than it was a century
ago to do so.  The Solar Temple case, CUT, etc.  suggest not.

Since it was our karma as a movement to open Pandora's box, I
feel that we have some karmic responsibility to speak out for a
sane and balanced approach to the topic.  This is what I hope I
have done in my books.


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