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the Masters

Dec 19, 1994 12:23 PM
by LieselFD

TO: K. Paul Johnson
RE: Yours of 12-19


My taking personal offense is due to that I'm really sick & tired
of hearing about this 60+ -year old can of worms you opened up
for the 10 millionth time now.  Sorry if you think that's unfair.
I think it's unfair to bring up this same garbage time & again,
ad nauseatum.

I'm also tired of having others rip down CWL and Krishnamurti,
both of whom I, and many others, admire a lot.  I wouldn't dream
of making disparaging remarks about St.  Francis to a Catholic,
just for example, no matter what my personal opinion of St.
Francis might be.  I think I can expect the same common courtesy
from others regarding my holy men.

I think that trying to argue now about events of the 1920ies &
'30ies & even further back is like trying to argue now about
whether, the day before yesterday, when we were standing at the
corner of Main and Broad, was the traffic light red, or was it
green.  I.e.  it's a rather futile argument, because who really
knows.  It was red & green, & one of us saw it when it was red, &
the other one saw it when it was green, or maybe each of us saw a
little bit of both, but who really knows ...  it happened the day
before yesterday..  You're going to insist that you're right, &
I'm going to insists that I'm right.  Do you suppose it would
help any, if we went back to the corner of Main & Broad, & yelled
at each other "Yes it is", "no it isn't" until the cows come

One of the tenets of our Society is the Buddha's "Be ye lamps
unto yourselves".  I think both CWL and Krishnamurti believed in
this, and taught it.  When it was not being done, they tried to
rectify.  I think that's something much more valuable & positive
to pass on to Arthur Patterson, than just the sensationalism of
that for a time there was a collective madness.

There was, but it was dealt with.  There are or were Masters.
Different people regard them very differently.  They too were of
the opinion that we should "work out our own salvation with
diligence." and that includes, very evidently how we think about

As we used to sing in the Cub Scouts:
"This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine...."

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