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answer to KP Johnson & A Patterson

Dec 16, 1994 05:53 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Re: your posts of 12-16

To K. Paul Johnson:

I happen to be part of the "collective madness", as you choose to call
it, concerning CWL.  One of his pupils, Dora Kunz, was our President
for years, and did an outstanding job.  I assure you, there was
absolutely no madness, unless you want to call our great outpouring of
love towards her madness.  People are just as impressed with her as
they were, no doubt, with CWL.  And rightly so, she's a most remarkable
woman, he was a most remarkable man.  Dora spent most of her working
life (she's now in her high eighties, at least, & still working) using
her talents wherever she could, as for instance to help diagnose
illnesses.  She also dreamt up a healing system called "Therapeutic
Touch", which she & Dolores Krieger of NYU then promulgated, and which
is used today by a great number of health professionals all over this
country.  I happen to owe my life to another pupil of CWL, to whom I
went, half dead, in desperation, 11 or 12 years ago.  I'm still alive &
very active, thanks to him.  So I'll thank you to keep a civil tongue
in your head about CWL.  The rules of the network are to talk to each
other civilly.  I suppose that goes for "about each other" as well.

When you talk about Krishnamurti as being regarded as a new Messiah, I
think it's only fair to add that Krishnamurti saw this & dissolved his
organization (I've forgotten what it was called) because he thought
that there would be no advantage in people regarding him as the founder
of a new religion.  He didn't believe in such a thing doing anyone any

To Art Patterson - re "auras & Wow Colors ...  Man, so what".  Well,
just let me tell you ...  for 1 thing, auras can be used to diagnose,
if you're well trained to look at them properly (as I'm not).  Serge
King uses auras as a spring board to send healing.  I don't know what
else they can be used for, but they're not necessarily a toy.  I've
never read Steiner, but maybe his vision of auras wasn't very well
developed, if it gave you the impession that they're a pretty toy.
They're much more important than that.


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