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Mahatmas & the TS

Dec 16, 1994 12:45 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Just a stray thought in response to Arthur's concerns about the
psychological impact of the ideal of the Masters.  Perhaps the
Theosophical movement is a very good place to make a reasoned approach
to this ideal.  Since every kind of goofiness has manifested itself at
one time or another in this realm, I think we have a body of experience
which can be invaluable in sorting out the sane from the nutty.  Having
descended collectively into madness (I speak here mostly of CWL and the
Krishnamurti messiah craze, but not exclusively) the movement has
emerged sadder but wiser.  In any offshoot of Theosophy, you'd find
people still in the grips of bizarre beliefs about the Masters.  But
within any Theosophical group, you'll find people who by and large are
convinced that HPB didn't invent the Masters, but also who recognize
that much of what has been said about them has been malarkey.  That
seems like a healthy perspective from which to explore spirituality.
Modern Theosophical history illumines not just the question of
Master/chela relationships but the whole gamut of issues about
authority vs.  individual conscience.

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