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"Not Knowing" and Bach

Dec 16, 1994 12:28 PM
by William Allen


No, I don't think you are being critical of anyone.  Ah, sophomore lit
was a long time ago...was it Prufock who was astounded to discover he
had been speaking prose? Anyway, as I understand it, theosophy (as a
spiritual attitude, a quest, a sensitivity) predates the word by
thousands of years.  I think that's orthodox (a word that perhaps
should not be used in the company of theosophy).

I'm not certain that in the beginning was the word; I think that in the
beginning was the silence and that is the hardest thing for me to try
to fathom, not to mention "get at."

Being one who is not much versed in the writings that are so often
mentioned here--and I am sorry that I am not versed in them, don't get
me wrong--I still find my most "theosophic moments" in silence or among
plants.  Yes, I suspect that there are various paths and, as Bach would
tell us concerning illness, there is no such thing as a common cure.
It all depends on the individual.

Yes, I'd like to have the reference on the collected Bach.

Best wishes,

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