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On the Story of Dialogue and Understanding

Dec 16, 1994 12:11 PM
by Arthur Patterson


Incredible story.  It is awe inspiring to witness the faith of others
even though we don't share the specific we nonetheless coparticipants
in the human experience.  The love that the indiviudal showed to you
was genuine.  That is what is so terribily hard when you are in
dialogue.  Often the other person doesn't understand that you have
compassion on them but can receive it because the belief system won't
allow them.  Sometimes I think that there is another level of reality
where we are talking with each other and our souls speak the language
of unity.  Where love is genuinely shared.  In this other dimension
there is no ideology, in fact no words, just understanding and
unification.  Well at least that is my hope.

Under the Mercy,

Arthur Patterson

Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3E 1Y5

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