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Re: Response to WILLIAM ALLEN

Dec 16, 1994 11:54 AM
by Doreen Domb

That is so right on, William! I think Bach is/was one of the few out
there whom I - in my limited human understanding - would consider a
genuine Theosophist.  Aren't his writings marvelous! I've been studying
the Bach Flower Essences for some time.  There are a number of books
out there, but there is one I have called the "Collected Writings of
Edward Bach" (paper-blue cover) that supposedly encompasses everything
he ever wrote or lectured on.  Don't remember the author offhand, but
if you're interested, I can look it up at home and get back with you on
it.  Samuel Hahnemann also comes to mind, the founder of Homeopathy.

Sometimes I think the "best" Theosophists are the ones who don't know
they are or who've never even heard of Theosophy.  Maybe that's a
negative thing to say, but it's crossed my mind too many times to not
say here.  No offense intended to anyone.

Take care -- Doreen

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