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Re: Mahatmas? TO ARTHUR

Dec 16, 1994 11:24 AM
by Doreen Domb

I just saw your latest note to Murray, regarding " I once told a
Christian friend that i in a way envied his certainty." I have a
story to tell, something I probably never will forget for the
rest of my life.  Some years ago at another job, we were
interviewing for a person to work in one of the biology labs on
campus.  One of the interviewees arrived in a wheelchair with a
friend to help him.  While the physically disabled individual was
being interviewed, his friend waited for him in my office, and we
got to talking, He had a book with him on some aspect of
Christianity (can't remember the book), and we had this wonderful
discussion involving his Christian point-of-view and on my
theosophical point-of-view.  It was a nonthreatening and
stimulating exchange and I remember thinking how glad I was that
neither one of us got bent out of shape, but clearly respected
each other's views.

While I was explaining to him about the theosophical concept of
not acknowledging an anthropomorphic divinity and how we must
take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, he became
visibly distressed.  He genuinely felt that my outlook on life
was so hopeless because of not "putting it in God's hands," so to
speak.  Hopeless was the description he used, utterly hopeless.
But he wasn't the least bit condescending or superior-acting
towards me.  He sincerely felt sorry for me because of of my
life's outlook.  And you know, I believe I knew what he was
basically feeling, I could see how someone would find my view -
for example - as one of hopelessness, if one were totally
encapsulated in a particular belief system, without even giving a
thought to exploring, much less acknowleding, other systems for
analogies and comparisons.  (I vividly remember my Orthodox
Jewish upbringing!) I continued to think about what he said
afterwards, and thinking that perhaps, in a sense, those of us
who embrace theosophy and the like, live life in a more
"difficult" manner, because while we don't "transfer" our
responsibilities to an outside entity, still we may acknowledge
this "crutch" (as I call it) as a means of comfort and relief -
sometimes quite profoundly so - for so many out there.  I would
imagine that many people, just believing that you have no wrongs
to right (sins) because that was taken of long before your
current incarnation, would make each day perhaps a little more
appealing, a chance to take advantage of a hopeful opportunity,
or a convenient excuse to not do anything positively productive
that day.  What we believe directly influences our thoughts and
behaviors, consciously or unconsciously.  Anyway, I really
believe I understood why he felt things were so hopeless
regarding my views.  I also believe ours takes a lot more work! I
won't forget the sadness in his eyes and the compassion I thought
I saw there.  It was a neat experience! - Doreen

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