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Response to DOREEN DOMB

Dec 16, 1994 10:54 AM
by William Allen

I was pleased to read Doreen's post; it helped me put in
perspective something I've been thinking about recently--the
possibility that there are "theosophists" out there who don't
know they are theosophists.  I sometimes have this feeling when
I'm talking to somebody--in their voice, in what they say, in the
feeling that they leave--that leaves me wondering if they might
be the kind of seeker that I associate with Theosophy.  I
mentioned to Arthur Patterson the other day (in a private post)
that I had been reading Edward Bach's book _Heal Thyself_ and
continually thinking to myself that this man was a theosophist
(this is the Bach of the Bach Flower Essences).  I'm sure Bach
knew about theosophy; I've no idea if he considered himself one.
Somehow it doesn't matter.

Best wishes, William

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