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Re: Sun Microsystems - Was Please help

Dec 15, 1994 06:25 PM
by William Allen

Valori (and list),

I am truly sorry to have been pulled in by this and to have had a
part in pulling others of you in.

I tried extracting the message that was attached to your post,
but my extractor gave me jibberish.  I'll assume that it was to
the effect that we had been hoodwinked.

So much for trusting in the season.

Sorry, again.


> Date sent:      Thu, 15 Dec 1994 14:08:08 -0700
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> From:           Valori Herrman <VR-HERRMANN@EMAIL.LDSBC.EDU>
> Subject:        Sun Microsystems - Was Please help
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> I saw the message about Sun making charitable donations for each
> message sent to Santa, the elves or Rudolph.  Thought it was a
> great idea.  But then my cynical side kicked in, so I e-mailed my
> brother, who happens to work for Sun, just to see what strings
> were attached or what fine print wasn't listed.  He sent me the
> following message, which was just released by their PR/Marketing
> (whatever) department.

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