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To ALL: considering public access Theos-L

Dec 08, 1994 10:19 AM
by euser


This month I started to put a FAQ about spiritual resources on the
Internet in the talk.religion.newage newsgroup.  I did not mention the
Theos-l mailing list.

My question to _all_ participants is if they have an objection to me
doing so the next time.  This means that we should ask ourselves the
questions: what is the purpose of this list; do we consider this list
to be a private/closed one; do we want to help interested individuals
to understand Theosophy by giving them access to this list and
answering their questions?

Another possibility is mentioning the existence of this list without
stating its name and giving a possibility to subscribe to Theos-l by
request to, say, John Mead.  Yet another possibility is creating a
separate list for the 'outside' public, participated in by some of us.
Please let me know what you think about this.

Personally, I feel that some kind of access to a Theosophical list
would be useful.  Many other groups already have open access to their

Martin Euser

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