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Re: Dr Hoeller to visit Charlotte NC this January 14-15

Dec 08, 1994 08:40 AM
by John Mead

> <7:30pm  Gnostic Eucharist (Open to Public)
> >   Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte
> >   234 N. Sharon Amity Road
> >
> >   The Eucharist service will be proceeded with some introductory
> >   remarks and explanations.  There will be a Q&A session
> >   after the service.
> >
> John:
> This sounds intriguing. I wasn't aware that the UUC had
> a eucharist service. I'd like to know more.
> Judy
> Judy A. Cilcain
> Office of the Vice President for Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
> University of Minnesota
> 12 Morrill Hall
> Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
> 612, 626-0362

The UU church allows people to affiliate with sub-groups if they
choose.  Hence our local UU Christian Fellowship (UUCF) has separate
severices of their own desires.  Likewise our local CUUPS affiliate
(coven of UU Pagans) has their meetings of their desire too (at
equinox, etc).  The UU church *itself* has no dogma at all.

The Gnostic Eucharist was pretty much my idea, as an attempt to get
draw local CUUPS, UUCF, Charlotte TS, and Charlotte Friends of Jung,
all together.  It seems to (potentially) interest alot of people.
we'll see :-)

Dr Hoeller is going to send a list of items needed for the Eucharist.
This may turn into a Charlotte-TS scavenger hunt :-)

I was glad when he (Hoeller) seemed receptive to the idea.

peace -

john mead

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