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Response to Jim A.

Sep 23, 1994 06:58 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Hi Jim--

You make up for your long silence by your long post.  Dunno how
soon you are likely to read this, so I will be brief.

Re your preliminary assessment.  You are bound to have a
distorted view of my "mission" if you measure it by my defensive
responses to a series of attacks I have received as a result of
it.  Like most people, I'm at my best when acting upon
inspiration from my own higher self (or what have you) and the
encouragement of sympathetic helpers-- and at my worst when
facing unrelenting rejection for having done so.  If you read The
Masters Revealed, I doubt very much that you will find
confirmation of your accusation of "aggressive use of the notion
of `warts and all' to disguise a leaning toward `warts above
all.'" No one who has read the book sees it as other than
predominantly positive in its evaluation of HPB, the Masters,
Theosophy.  That's not to say that what you perceive in the posts
isn't there; but it's reactive to posts of the "warts are
nonexistent" train of thought.  (Or rather-- "don't tell me about
warts, and if you do, you are evil.") As to Procrustean efforts,
again-- check out the book.

About the Mark Jaqua review, my calling it the "worst ever" was
entirely accurate-- it was the most negative ever.  I didn't make
a silly criticism of spelling errors, I marked them with [sic].
As for being on a mission that isn't good, a possibility you
raise more than once, what can one possibly say to this? Judge on
the basis of the books, PLEASE.  Then reread the Jaqua piece and
my reply, and ask yourself if you might be straining at a gnat
and swallowing a camel.

Re spiral progress.  That's my own experience; nothing has been
wasted in my various changes of orientation, although they have
been apparent reversals of direction.  I was making no effort to
justify what you seem to think I was (which isn't clear)-- just
to try to offer Eldon an alternative to his linear thinking on
the subject.  After all, the universality of cycles is supposed
to be one of our fundamental principles.

Please share more of your travel experiences as you are able.
The high point of my journeys (almost literally) was a trip to
Jammu, following the footsteps of Olcott, Damodar and W.T.  Brown
to the court of Maharaja Ranbir Singh.  Hence any tales of
Himalayan journeys arouse my keenest interest.


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