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A fwded message from Liesel Deutsch (who subscribed today)

Sep 23, 1994 09:56 AM
by John Mead

Hi --

I wanted to welcome Liesel to the discussion list.  She had
contacted me many months ago about joining the theosophy
discussions.  I was able to locate a local Internet provider for
her.  However, it took awhile for to get the right equipment
together.  I congratulate Liesel on her tenacity!!

again, welcome!

John Mead

p.s.  this is a message she forwarded to me to post (a day or so
ago).  However, I waited until she had subscribed to send it out.

> From: "Liesel F. Deutsch" <>

I've been puzzling about something to do with absolutes &
relatives.  TS often talks about Truth and Reality, and I do
agree there must be such things as Absolute Truth and Absolute
Reality.  But I've been into Kahuna a la Serge King for the past
year, & Kahunas think absolutes aren't of much practical use for
healing, and for everyday relating.  For example, Theosophists
live by theosophical truths, & I, for one, find that
reincarnation, is a great motivator.  You do whatever you can in
this life, for the benefit of future lives, yours & others'.  But
there are others who shrink from the thought that they might have
to live life all over again, and that's their Truth.  To the
Kahunas reality is wherever you happen to be focused, whatever
you're focusing on just now.  You're reading what I typed into
the computer, so that's our respective reality at that moment.
When you're in the process of dying, I think that's your reality
for that moment, colored by whatever you think awaits you on the
other side.  Kahunas think Truth is whatever works for you, as
long as it's ethical.  If to you Communion is a blessing, then to
receive Communion is a blessing.  It's your Truth.  If you
believe in Voodoo, and believe that you've been hexed, to become
unhexed, you have to do something within that belief system,
within your Truth.  Even "Thou shalt not kill" is, I think, more
of an agreement among human beings than it is an Absolute.  And
then, not all human beings really believe in the sacredness of
human life, let alone Life.  The tenet surely doesn't apply to
animals at this stage, even though we hope it will some day.  I
don't know whether this makes any sense to you.  I'd love to bat
it around some, because I'm puzzling over it.  I'm looking
forward to hearing from you, Liesel.

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