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ODL re Poison

Sep 23, 1994 06:58 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

As it turns out, the elliptical passage I found day before
yesterday is eclipsed by a very straightforward one found last
night.  It's in volume IV, pp.  523-4:

..Mr.  Walter R.  Old, of the London working staff, arrived and
joined out Headquarters organization.  Almost immediately there
was an interchange of confidences between us, which for the first
time opened my eyes to the treacherous policy that Mr.  Judge had
been following up with regard to the Society and myself in the
matter of his relations with the Masters.  I cannot tell how
shocked I was to discover his lack of principle, and to find that
my previously more or less vague suspicions fell far short of the
reality.  Without making any pretensions to exceptional goodness,
I certainly never did anything to warrant him in making, in a
forged letter, my own Teacher and adored Guru seem to say that,
if Mrs.  Besant should carry out her intention of visiting India,
she might run the risk of my poisoning her! Let any of my
honorable colleagues picture to themselves how they would feel if
such cruel and baseless imputations were made against their

Elsewhere in Vol.  IV, I can't find it at the moment, HSO says
that Old didn't just "exchange confidences" but also presented
documents to back up his charges.  These presumably remain in the
archives at Adyar.

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