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Post Modern Retreat News

Sep 18, 1994 07:16 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

     Our second Post Modern Theosophical Retreat held at the
Renner Ranch in Coulterville CA. just came to an end.  Weekend
activities included a Zen drumming workshop led by John Coker; a
presentation on esoteric astrology by Roger Gemme; A pagan
ceremony led by Elaine Gemme; a discussion group on psychology
and theosophy and on death and dying led by Nancy Coker; and a
full moon meditation led by David Kestin.  Between the
discussions and presentations we enjoyed lots of good home
cooking prepared by Tammy Gianini and Danielle Giesbrecht; nature
walks, a swim at the local pond, an all night drumming and
musical instruments jam, and lots of casual talk, hugs and good
old fraternalization.  All of this was overseen and approved of
by the horses,  Donkeys, goats, dogs and llama; as well as the
plentiful indigenous wildlife that permanently resides at the
     As we have mentioned before, these retreats are sponsored by
independent theosophical students and are *not* connected with
any theosophical organization.  Our next Post Modern retreat is
planned for April 1995.
     Anyone interested in attending these retreats may post a
request to be on the mailing list to the above address.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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