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Mid-Atlantic TS Mtg.

Sep 19, 1994 01:54 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Although I would have liked to make it to Coulterville this
weekend, we had a memorable event here in the east.  The 11th
Mid-Atlantic TS Gathering was held at Hector Feliciano's farm
in rural Maryland.  Fernando de Torrijos, Board member for the
Northeast District, gave an introductory report, then later
guided a discussion period-- topic, the 3 Objects of the TS.

The vegetarian feast was one of the best I recall at a TS
event, but the really striking part of the afternoon was the
guest speaker, His Excellency Gurugai (sp?), Ambassador of Sri
Lanka to the US.  He gave a talk of about 25-30 minutes on
Olcott and the TS in Sri Lanka; very informative, enthusiastic,
stimulating.  He answered questions with great charm and
grace.  But apart from the talk and the q & a, the man had a
powerful spiritual presence, a radiant magnetism, that made me
at least feel that I was actually in contact with something of
the spiritual force that brought the founders to Ceylon in
1880.  I hope someone took notes of his talk and will write a
report of it.  Altogether the most memorable event at a TS
gathering I recall ever-- and I've been to plenty.

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