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I'm going to army-service.

Sep 18, 1994 08:29 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello all.

In Finland we have an obligatory army-service.  I have took all
the possible excuses until now.  I'm so old that I really have to
go now, since I'm 29 years old.  Instead of taking
military-service I go to the "sivilian-service".  My etchical
decision is not to participitate any military actions.  My
service lasts 13 months, after one month preliminary course I
will move to an art-school.  I work as an computer-support-person
there.  I think, I enjoy it.

At the first month I probably can't access to Internet daily, so
don't be disappointed if you try to communicate with me with no
visible results.  I think that at least at weekends I check my
e-mail.  The art-school where I go, is well equipped and
connected to Internet.  I keep my old e-mail address.  I start
all this at Monday...

Peace. aki.

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