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Re: History and Controversy

Sep 09, 1994 06:00 PM

This is from Jim Santucci, Editor of THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY

Thank you for the endorsement of TH.  Leslie Price started the
journal in London in 1985 and I have taken over in 1990.  At the
moment we are on volume V, number 3 (July 1994).  If you are
interested, we are publishing a series of letters by HPB to
WQJudge that were just released from the Andover-Harvard Library.
Other articles include Joscelyn Godwin's series "The Hidden
Hand": including topics on The Brother- hood of Light and The
Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, "HPB's Influence in Literature,"
Paul Johnson's"Theosophical Influence in Baha'i History" "Brother
Twelve: The Incredible Story of Canada's False Prophet",
"Theosophy and Nationalism," John Cooper's "The Esoteric School
Within the Hargrove Theosophical Society," and much more.

       We welcome historical articles, so if you are interested, you
       may write me at the Dept.  of Religious Studies, California
       State University, Fullerton, CA 92634, or e-mail me.

       I am reading the communications with interest, and will put
       my 2 cents in if I think I can contribute anything

       Best wishes to all.

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