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reply to Aki

Sep 09, 1994 10:17 AM
by Altadena Classical Homeopathy Education Society

        TO AKI

        Thanks for your comments.  I almost don't know
        enough about Plato to reply intelligently, but here goes . . .
        You suggest that some of Plato's ideas would reside on
        the mental and/or buddhic level.  I've only a
         small sense of Plato, but my impression was that he
         idealized the realm of the intellect.
         As soon as the concept of ideals enters a
        discussion, I think of buddhi.

        Despite the fact that he talked about (I think)
        what he called the World of Forms, the descriptions
        were abstractions -- like chairness or motherness.
        So I agree about the buddhic realm. But so many of them
        also have such strong emotional ties,  maybe it is
        the buddhi of kama??

        If archetypes reside in the emotional or mental or
        intuitive fabric of the U,
        they could be contactable by any/all races, perhaps
        even by any kingdom that had any aspects kama, manas or
        buddhi active.  Just a thought.

        And if you don't mind a further comment, You write,

        >Aggression is one of those animal-qualities in us that
        > is a remnant of the past. Our task is now to get rid of
        > that, and some other bad qualities.

        I imagine aggression is an aspect of Universal energy that
        expresses through us either intelligently or unskillfully.  I
        would think it could be a neutral force, but maybe not.

        Take care.           Nancy
        >People are like stained glass windows.
        >They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
        >but when the darkness sets in,
         their true beauty is revealed only if
        >there is a light from within.
             Elisabeth Kubler Ross

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