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Soul Mates

Sep 10, 1994 01:32 PM
by Ronald A. Banister

The term soul mates does'nt mean much to me either.  It is my
belief that each of us is an extension of a soul that is neither
male or female.  It is complete within itself, except for lack of
experience and lack of consequent virtues based on that
experience.  By experiencing everything each soul moves toward
perfection and towards higher states of being.  The uniqueness of
each soul's journey is intimately related to karma.  Karma may
dictate that the personalities of two souls must interact
repeatedly.  Sometimes the karma is very pleasant (from the point
of view of the personality).  So pleasant that the two
personalities may feel incomplete without the other, feel like
"soul mates".  However, they are still two "wholes" not two

Ron Banister

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