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Re: Kalevala

Sep 02, 1994 10:10 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Lewis,

Thank you very much for your interest to our national epoch.  I
would like to introduce some of it, more than likely.  The
problem now is, that I know a little to realise that it is not a
light task to give a balanced, short view to it, and too little
to do it well.

Here is what first came to my mind, without any reference...

About Kalevala, it is a collection of poems and it was collected
around 1850's or so by a one man called ,"Elias L|nnrot", he
dedicated most of his life to that task.  In Finland we retained
quite long an old skill of memorizing long sets of poems.  You
can compare this to ancient Greecks, Homeros's time and so on.
Nowadays, modern people can't memorize even one poem or chapter,
not mention say 30.000 poems.  But in Finland we had a few of
that kind of people at those times.  I have heard that people
lost their memorazing ability because the developement of their

So, the Kalevala is a set of poems and in these poems are
description of the origin of cosmos, its evolution, spells and
some magic stories.  In addition there are some stories of local
heroes and their adventures.

I have heard that these poems are in mantric-form, to say that
they work like mantras.  So if you read English, or some other
language interpretation you miss this point.

I have also heard that you can use seven keys to open the poems.
According to these keys you can read many descriptions of
initations, occult developement and procedures, origin of man,
etc.  I have heard some lectures on this subject, but my
knowledge is so poor in this subject, that I don't try to give
any examples.

Now I skipped entirely the substance of Kalevala, its teachings
and its worldview, ethics and philosophy.

I check my "Key to the Kalevala", and if I found something
interesting I post it.

Please ask more, if you are interested.  If you have some
spesific questions, I can ask them from our
"Kalevala"-specialists for you.

Peace. aki.

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