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Re: Theosophical Education

Sep 02, 1994 09:54 AM

Victor Hao Chin requested information on Theosophical Education.
It might interest you to know that Max Lawson wrote an M.A.
thesis entitled "Theosophy and Education" for the University of
Sydney, Master of Education program.  Chapter one of that thesis
was published in THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY IV/3 (July 1992):
"Theosophy and Education".  If there is time and room, I hope to
publish "Theosophy, Education and Nationalism" Chapter 2 in a
future issue.  Otherwise, there is some interesting material in
his other chapers, including chapters on Montessori, Steiner,
CWL, and the Raja Yoga School.  Another chapter details a cross
survey of Theosophical Schools.

Beside this, Don Shepherd is writing a thesis on Point Loma, of
which he is also concentrating on the educational theory of KT.
He has come up with some interesting material, which I hope to
publish in a future issue.

       Hope this is of help.

                    James Santucci, Editor, THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY

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