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Re: Comments to Bill

Sep 02, 1994 09:35 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Jerry you wrote,

>      This is interesting.  My publisher at
> Llewellyn thinks that there is a connection
> between computers/high tech and magic, and
> has asked that we authors write about it.  So
> far, except for a computer being very useful
> to me in my work, I have missed this
> connection (with the exception of a
> computerized Tarot program that I wrote in C
> and placed as shareware on Compuserve's New
> Age forum).  You seem to think that there
> is/should be a connection between computers
> and theosophists/theosophy.

I have an impression that Rudolf Steiner has stated that all
machines, so to include computers, are "Ahrimanic".  Meaning, if
I understand his dogma at all, that machines and their use is
drawing spirit more and more to materia.

And what has happened? People use most of their intellectual and
spiritual capacity to enhance their material lives.  Now we are
even giving some of our thinking processes to the computers e.g.
arithmethics.  Peace.  aki.

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