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Comments to Bill

Sep 01, 1994 10:26 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Bill  <A while back, I developed an interest
in the psychology of C. G. Jung (and I
believe that there are some tie-ins to theo-
sophy there somewhere) and I started by
trying to read him directly.  Big mistake!>
     I too have an interest in Jungian
psychotherapy, and yes, it certainly does
have tie-ins to theosophy.  Reading Jung is a
lot like reading Blavatsky.  I love to do
both, but I agree with you that it is not

<However, it sometimes feels like I am
reading the _Secret_-Doctrine_ when I am
reading posts from this list.>
     The problem is that some of us are new,
while others have been around for awhile.
For myself, I have been studying theosophy
for over 25 years, so I would rather not
write lengthy essays on elementary stuff, nor
do I any longer care to read much of it.  But
you younger folks can, and should, do so.  I
would suggest that you subscribe to Sunrise,
the Pasadena TS publication, because it is
directed especially to newer theosophists.
Also, you would do well to read G de
Purucker's Questions We All Ask, if it is
still in print.  These, and other books
designed for beginners, should help you.  You
needn't jump into the SD right away.

<But my one disappointment with the list is
that I don't always understand everything
that is being written>
     Do you have a copy of G de Purucker's
Occult Glossary?

<since I was going to be using the computer
to discuss theosophy, I would be discussing
it with other people who use computers day-in
and day-out like I do.  And if they used
computers that much then I would be able to
communicate with them better than I could
with non-computer theosophists.>
     This is interesting.  My publisher at
Llewellyn thinks that there is a connection
between computers/high tech and magic, and
has asked that we authors write about it.  So
far, except for a computer being very useful
to me in my work, I have missed this
connection (with the exception of a
computerized Tarot program that I wrote in C
and placed as shareware on Compuserve's New
Age forum).  You seem to think that there
is/should be a connection between computers
and theosophists/theosophy.

<what is needed is an new educational
initiative for theosophy>

              Jerry S.

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