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History and Controversy

Aug 17, 1994 09:03 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

First, to Brenda-- yes, my entire post did get through.
Second, re JEM's conclusion that people are resigning from
theos-l in protest at controversial discussion.  I hope this is
untrue.  It would be interesting to see a list of "what ought
not be discussed here because it makes me uncomfortable."  If
we all came up with some, we'd have dozens of hot spots to
avoid.  HPB said that free and fearless discussion, within
certain limits, is the keynote of theosophical communication.
I would suggest that the limits are not those of WHAT is
discussed, but HOW-- with mutual respect.

Probably, though, we can agree that a statute of limitations on
how long things remain "too hot to handle" makes some sense.
A century is long enough for passions to cool some; thus
rehashing the Hodgson report in the 80s, and maybe the
existence of the Masters now.  Next up according to this
hypothesis should be the Judge case.  We may not live long
enough to see people rationally discuss Leadbeater.

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