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various disgruntled people

Aug 17, 1994 08:18 AM
by John Mead

Hi --

we have lost a few people over the last few days due to the
discussion (I *think*).

I wanted to point out that theos-l *is* a very general list (rather
a free-for-all discussion, ala Internet Libertarian philosophy).

I'll take this oppurtunity to "plug" theos-roots and the others.
They are less general and are supposedly meant to supply people who
get "turned-off" by theos-l another place to go.  (as well as any
other reason to "limit" e-mail traffic) Perhaps they may offer
constructive alternatives.  Feel free to use them.

if you signoff theos-L, you may want to stay on the others
(especially theos-news).

peace --

john mead

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