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Re: Universal Ethics

Aug 17, 1994 08:48 AM
by Paul Gillingwater

Gerald Schueler <> writes:

[Re Crowley]
>  ....  However, I do find that some of his writings are spiritually
>  inspired, and I can tell that he did, in fact, cross th Abyss.  His
>  writings indicate that he KNEW.

Most theosophists probably haven't read much Crowley.  He was
certainly a fascinating character, but with some rather unfortunate
flaws of character.  This, of course, does not preclude spiritual
experiences of various kinds, and evidence suggests that Crowley
was a competent magician in the Golden Dawn tradition, which is
quite different from the Eastern-influenced mainstream theosophy.

How do you equate Crowley's idea of the A.'.A.'.  with the GWB? Do
you feel that Crowley's tradition was influenced by Those known to
the TS?

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