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Aug 16, 1994 10:25 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


BT> If you really don't understand why I'm making this request
> even after an explanation, would you please just do it because
> I asked you, too?  As a special favor to me, I know you don't
> know why, just don't upload anything which would offend someone
> who is struggling with some past episode or event in their own
> lives by talking so offhandedly about someone else's
> shortcomings.  Talk about your own.
> Just because I'm asking, couldn't you do this one little thing?

     I understand now.  We all have past episodes in our lives
and in our childhood that we struggle with.  I call them
"ghosts,"  and it is a very rare person who doesn't have them.
But we always think that we are the only one, because no one ever
talks about them.   Until they are made to go away, they bring a
lot of unhappiness in our lives.  There are several techniques to
get rid of them, but it takes a bit of dedication.  I like to
call the process "self purification."  The bottom line in my
experience is to get into a place where one can squarely face the
ghosts.  It can be a scary process at first, but well worth the
peace it brings.  We know a theosophist couple near you.  They
are very good and receptive licensed therapists, who might be of
help to you in this process.  If not, they should be able to give
you some referrals to someone more suitable for your specific

Ron and Lisa Galbavy
So. Kern Co. Office in W. Santa Monica
1506 10th St. #413


Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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