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International Conference at Creighton (ref: Jung)

Aug 16, 1994 10:04 AM
by John Mead

>                      AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
>                                 ON
>                        TO ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR
>  Creighton University announces an international conference on
>  Jungian & archetypal approaches to organizational behavior, to be
>  held on the campus of Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska,
>  U.S.A.  from Oct.  13 to Oct.  17, 1994.

>  The conference will feature papers and discussions on various
>  aspects of organizational operations from the perspective of
>  analytical and archetypal psychology.  In addition, the conference
>  will host a featured address by Dr.  Murray Stein of the C.  G.
>  Jung Institute of Chicago.

>  Papers and presentations at the conference will treat such topics
>  as workplace shadow; the matriarchal workplace; organizational
>  Jungian analysis; chaos theory and archetypal theory; case studies
>  of Jungian analytical interventions; typology; and related topics.

>  Registration details will be announced in coming weeks (and will be
>  posted to the jung-psyc subscription list).  Conference
>  registration is estimated to be approximately $100 U.S.  Hotel
>  accommodations will cost between $75 and $80 U.S.  per night.
>  Contrary to popular perceptions, Omaha is a picturesque city on the
>  shores of the Missouri River with a wide variety of cultural and
>  recreational resources.  (The present author can testify to the
>  ease of a vegetarian lifestyle in the nation's leading meat
>  market.)

>  Further information is available from John Hollwitz (EMAIL:
>; (402)280-2532.

>  This conference is sponsored by Creighton University College and
>  the A.  N.  Jacobson Chair in communications.

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