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Bad Omen in China

Aug 17, 1994 02:01 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello, I got this message from CND.  Since there is lot of changes
in China, I wonder if you can interpretate this somehow, in a
larger context, though this has a slight tone of rumour in it.

   Peace, Bliss,
   Oulu, Finland.

[AFPEW, 08/12/94] HONG KONG -- Residents in southern China's Hunan
province claim to have spotted a bird with nine heads in a
mountainous area, and authorities are investigating the reports, a
newspaper said here Friday.  The Wen Wei Po daily said the bird --
mentioned in records from the Song dynasty (960-1279) -- was
reportedly seen on several occasions by some 30 people, and was
said to resemble a turtle dove.  The bird, said to live on
cloud-shrouded peaks of the Huping mountains, was described by a
militiaman named Zhang Shenyun as having eight smaller heads around
a larger one, with each bearing a complete set of beak, ears and
eyes.  Legend has it that appearances of the bird are bad omens,
and no one has dared to try to catch the strange creature, the
newspaper said.

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