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Re: New to the list: theosophist in Austria

Aug 09, 1994 07:11 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

>> If you want to host it as well, let me know and I'll put
>> the files on a ftp server. (which might be easier than
>> loading each one directly)
> Sounds great to me, although I have a Perl script which
> recursively follows links and grabs all the documents.
> But FTP might be easier, especially if you can tar the
> hierarchy and compress, gzip or PKZIP it.

OK, a compressed tar file containing all of the graphics and html
files is on my PC ( via anonymous ftp in the
theos directory as

BTW, the WWW server was down for a little while last night so if
it gave you problems, try again.

Michael W. Grenier
612-456-7869          Unisys - Air Traffic Control

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