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elemental kingdoms

Aug 08, 1994 12:22 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.

I've had a few additional thoughts about some of the nuances
concerning the other kingdoms of nature and how we might be
dealing with them.

First, babies hold a special place in our consciousness and can
evoke feelings that are quite peculiar and reserved for them
alone.  Similarly, the thought elementals are like the babies of
the globe, the feeling elementals would be the next group or the
7-14 year olds.  The next kingdom might be difficult for some to
grasp as it corresponds so well with the material physical plane.
The etheric elementals would be the sometimes difficult teenage
years.  And here fully manifest on the physical plane, we are all
adults.  From dense material objects to humans, we exist side by
side in "full" consciousness.  An eternity of existing through

Secondly, while entertaining thoughts may be a worthwhile
activity, there may be greater horizons.  I'm led to believe, by
theosophical teachings, that we also make use of energy from
realms beyond the mind.  My idea is that by calling forth these
spiritual energies from the higher planes, where human beings
have vehicles, we call forth blessings for humanity.  Time spent
exercising our right of contact with higher energies may be more
conducive to results that enlighten and create harmony for
mankind than the simple sending of thoughts and contributing to
the general welfare of the thought world.  The entire sum of
seven kingdoms responding and participating to spiritual energy
channelled through human beings!

Thanks for listening.

P.S.  Does Richard Ihle, a teacher of teenage children, have a
better feel for the etheric elementals than some of the rest of
us? I can hardly imagine or describe their function.

P.S.S.  I just finished reading about 4 days of messages from
theos-l and would like to add a brief comment regarding masters.
(Don't worry, Bill, I'm sure someone will attempt "first cause"
for you shortly.  Maybe Eldon will.)

My own attraction to the idea of masters is sort of a secondary
notion regarding "the end to reincarnation." Human life seems to
me to be inherently painful or sorrowful.  Even without
significant pain in one's own life, there is the emotional
response of the sensitive humans to suffering in the world.  An
end to reincarnation may mean an end to pain and sorrow.

My mother left Sunday morning and since I have been pampered for
four weeks with first a mother-in-law and then a mother, I was
not feeling too well about the prospect of being on my own with a
husband and 4 year old.  I remarked to my father on the phone
that my mother did more than nurture me physically.  When I was
left without this nurturing for a prospective 2 months, I
physically became sick - headachy, not wanting to get out of bed,
achy.  Well, in the middle of last night it suddenly came to me
that I am fine independent, that I make use of a resource that is
10 times more effective and valuable to me than my mother and
this is the energy of my own higher self.  Rather than turning
thoughts to a "father," I turn my energy to the constructive
energy of love, forgiveness, purity - and all things spiritual in
nature.  The love flows forth from me as a violet color in
several directions - to the medical center, to my husband's work,
to my daughter, and on this occasion unusually enough to a small
country.  A friend of ours in the study center is taking a trip
with a popular, well-read native of Sri Lanka to his home in Sri
Lanka for an exchange of ideas as the friend and native are
homeopathic M.D.s and familiar with Auryvedic medicine.  The
country is in a bit of unrest, so I hear.

Can you imagine some of the difficulties involved in being a
citizen of a small country, always playing second best to World
Powers, and finding your own future stifled by not ever being too
good at health care, education, or whatever the frontier? An
entire small country of people seemed to fit into the scheme of
blessing humanity as I felt it.  Perhaps this was an onrush
resulting from a month of inactivity.  Having mothers there meant
not excelling through my self initiatives.  As soon as mothers
had left, I returned my activity to the level it often operated
at before, accessing higher energies through love for masters and
calling to them for assistance in spreading around the forces
here in the form world.  The key is that is not a result of their
activity, but an addition to their activity, and a supplement to
a master's forgiveness and love which comes through only as much
as I recognize my own heart as the heart behind the flow of
blessings and love to earth.  That's why "father" doesn't seem
theosophical enough to me, perhaps it seems more Christian
because we aren't taught self-reliance as deeply in Christianity.
I prefer to see Father or elder as a human place in the scheme of
things when dealing with younger kingdoms of nature.

Have fun.

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