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New to the list: theosophist in Austria

Aug 08, 1994 11:32 AM
by Paul Gillingwater

Hi there theosophists and other readers of this list!

My name is Paul Gillingwater.  I've been a member of the TS
(Adyar) for around 17 years, starting in New Zealand.  I'm very
pleased to discover the existence of this mailing list, and hope
that submissions from outside of the USA won't be too annoying.

I work for the United Nations here in Vienna, Austria.  There is
a small group of UN staff called "the Esoteric Society", who
study various new-age/occult and related themes, such as
astrology, meditation, channeling, kaballah, tarot, etc.  I've
taught a few introductory theosophy classes there too, although I
prefer to keep things low-key.

One of my interests is computer networking.  I'm planning at
present to start a World-Wide-Web page dedicated to theosophy
(not just the Adyar flavour, but rather anything directly derived
from Blavatsky), and would welcome pointers to source materials
in electronic form.

I heard that there was work underway in the US to type all of the
S.D.  into ASCII form (for Braille publication), and was
wondering if this material might be available?

Anyway, enough about me.  I've yet to receive my first message on
this list, but perhaps I'll request some of the back issues.

Enjoy the journey,

Paul Gillingwater

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