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Re: elemental kingdoms

Aug 08, 1994 03:50 PM
by RIhle


I definitely like the way your mind works! When I saw that you
were making a connection between "elementals" and a stage of
human maturation, that clinched it for me--perhaps we're either
going to be two of the multi-pioneers in the second wave of
Theosophy or go down in flames together.

Here, I am not suggesting that we agree on anything in
particular, only that we both may be blessed/cursed with the
inclination to take a look at established theosophical concepts
and see if they are also useful when expressed in a more modern
manner and/or applied to more practical or less-than-macrocosmic

I wrote an only partially horrible book, WISDOM TEACHING, about
ten years ago in which I tried to open another lock on THE SECRET
DOCTRINE with a "key" which showed that HPB's system of Rounds,
Root Races, Sub Races etc.  could also be looked at as an
age-related system of "Psychomaturation." In this connection,
your mention of the "7-14-year-olds" immediately caught my
attention, because in the book I tried to rough-in an outline of
development called the "Doctrine of Seven-Year Cycles."

While WISDOM TEACHING was a major failure, I remain even more
convinced about the validity of the psychological key, the
septenary cycles, etc.  When I run into things HPB wrote like
(paraphrased) "characteristics of the next Round/cycle start
appearing at the mid-point of the present Round/cycle" etc., it
just seems oh-so-obvious to me that Piaget, Bruner, Kohlberg, and
other developmental psychologists--and "transcendental
psychologists" even more so--should put down what they are doing
and pick up THE SECRET DOCTRINE in order to come up with the true
sequential pattern--and more importantly, get an understanding of
what the pattern is a pattern of : _Psyche_ in its original sense
of "soul."

Anyway, if you are interested, I'll send you a copy of WISDOM
TEACHING--free of charge if you promise never to mention the
rotten parts.  .  .  .  (I would need your address.)

Warm regards,

Richard Ihle

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