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Re: framemaker comments

Jul 29, 1994 03:25 PM
by Michael W. Grenier

Sorry about that last message.

>I currently have a number of articles by WQJ and HPB already in
>form. Once the copyright issued are resolved I would be willing to
>contribute them to the group. I am also willing to be involved in any
>effort to scan materials for distribution.

   I talked to John Algeo earlier this week and he felt there
was no problem with copyrights on the earlier texts. Isn't there
a limit on the age of copyrights anyway (30 or 50 years?). Perhaps,
Ruben C., who is hopefully able to read this list now, can get a
specific ruling from John A. on books published by TPH prior to
some date.

Let me check on copyrights in general.

     -Mike G.
Michael W. Grenier
612-456-7869          Unisys - Air Traffic Control

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