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Re: framemaker comments

Jul 29, 1994 12:58 PM
by BOB MURDIC 8-451-3133

I am interested in the idea of getting some of the TS material out on
the Net for public access.  I have an Apple OneScanner (B&W) that I use
for OCR work.  The program I use allows a document to be saved in a
number of different formats.

I currently have a number of articles by WQJ and HPB already in
electronic form.  Once the copyright issued are resolved I would be
willing to contribute them to the group.  I am also willing to be
involved in any effort to scan materials for distribution.

Finally, I have a demo copy of FrameMaker v 3.0 for the Mac if anyone
is interested, just let me know and I can mail it to you.

I am really enjoying mailings and I look forward to each days newmail.
Thanks to all of you that have made it possible and PLEASE let me know
if there is anything I can do to HELP.

Bob Murdic
Delaware Study Center


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