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White Brotherhood

Jul 28, 1994 09:25 AM

This is from Osmar to Richard:

 RI> Here is a general summary and a thought or two regarding last
 RI> Sunday's Founders' Day Lecture and related discussion:

     Thanks for the account, Richard!

 RI> Ed Abdil did a fine job describing the "Occult Brotherhood" which
 RI> HPB and other early Theosophists said they were in communication
 RI> with. .Ed seemed to be on the side which accepted the existence of
 RI> these exhalted personages, the authenticity of their
 RI> "precipitated" correspondences etc.;
 RI> however, he was careful to emphasize that such a belief was
 RI> certainly not a Theosophical requirement of any kind.

     Reading your messages I remembered one point which I don't
     understood in the theosophical literature.  The question is
     the existence of many sections of the white brotherhood throughout
     the world.

     In some place I read that Blavatsky was in contact with the Luxor
     brotherhood of Egypt, and three masters of wisdom, Serapis Bei,
     Tuiti Bei and Polidorus helped Olcott and Blavatsky to open the
     Theosophical Society.  At same time, and everywhere, we hear that
     the master Morya and Koot-Hoomi were the "occult" founders of our

     Somebody can give me some light on this matter?

     There exists some "Pan-American" section of the occult hierarchy?

 RI> Warm regards from Madison, Wisconsin.

     Hugs from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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