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Theosophical Order of Service

Mar 02, 1994 05:04 PM
by John Mead

This is a somewhat open letter to Leonard Cole...

The TOS would seem to be advantaged by increasing their networking

I mention this for the following reasons:

1)  My wife and I specifically like the 'Circles for Peace'
project.  After reading their literature recently,  it appeared that
long-distance communication between groups could accelerate
and benefit the overall project.

2)  Louise and I belong to the UU church, where she has become the liason
between the local Church and the National UU Social Concerns organization.
There too, easy access and communication between local groups can
increase the overall effectivity of the various efforts.

3) My wife is completing a thesis on a new model for the
media which synthesises the areas of 1) conflict resolution,

2) The dialectic process (Hegelian), and 3) Mass media (specifically
involving the Global Village).

Coupling these items, one could generate a 1 or 2 day workshop
to educate TS individuals to use the Internet (et al) to further Social
Concerns and enhance the effectivity of the TOS....
Louise has a great case-study on how "intelligent" use of the media can
be quite powerful and influential when coordinated correctly too.

I guess my ramblings boil down to a single question for Leonard.

If Louise and I pull this together,  would TOS be willing to Input
some work (it may initially be in the form of sending out information
packets, surveys etc. to the members)?

Peace --

John Mead

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