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Feb 25, 1994 10:25 AM
by zgg002

> A retired theosophist friend of mine, Eloise Smith, is planning an
> informal TS get-together in Virginia Beach on Saturday, March 19th.  To
> provide some structure, I will give a basic "Man & His Vehicles" lecture,
> based mostly on Powell's books.
> Ron Banister

Hi Ron,
     I am chair at the Stil-Light Retreat Center in Waynesville, NC. I
would like to invite you and your group to use Stil-Light sometime for a
group retreat. You might also want to tell those who come to your meeting
the following events are coming up there:

     May 6-8th MidSouth Federation Annual Convention
               (this event is actually held at Lake Junalaskua
               Assembly. For reservations call Miles Standish @
               (706)782-3078. He is the treasuerer.

     May 13-15thMinding and Mending the Goddess Within (for women
               only) with Mary Gayle Flodden.

     May 27-29thThe Path of Meditation with Ray Grasse. This is Memorial
               Day weekend so everyone will have an extra day for travel.

     June 10-12th   Techniques of Self Discovery: Esoteric astrology, Sacred
               Geometry, Kabalistic Tree of Life, and Balancing the
               Personality Energies.

     June 24-26th   Men's Weekend: Whitewater rafting, hiking,
               birding, and other activities are being planned.

     August 26-28th Recording the Flow of Consciousness; Journaling as
               a Spiritual Technique with Valerie Keyworth.

     September 23-25Meditation and the Path of the Heart with Maria

     October 14-16th"There is no religion higher than truth." with
               Tony Lysy.

For more information call Stil Light @ (704)452-4569 or me.--
Lewis Lucas            Chestatee Regional Library       (404)532-3311

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