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Re: HPB's understanding

Feb 25, 1994 08:13 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Jerry,

     Sarat Chandra Das founded the Buddhist Text Society in
Calcutta, and I presume it still exists.  So it might be possible to
search through its holdings for the material in question.  One
perplexing thing about the Voice is that HPB said in a letter that it
was in Telugu.  Maybe fragment one, which is from internal evidence
Hindu rather than Buddhist, might be.  Two and three might be in a
north Indian language, but are so clearly Buddhist that it's hard to
imagine they were from a Telugu original.  The information about HPB's
fluency in Sanskrit comes from Dayananda's autobiography.  He served as
a tutor of sorts and comments on her tremendous progress and her
ability to recite several specific texts.  Something I'd like to see
tracked down is several books written by Sengchen Tulku in which he
tried to reconcile Western science with Tibetan tradition -- inspired
to the effort by his contacts with Das.  These may have been destroyed
after he was executed, but they may have survived.  If so, they would
probably be the most interesting of all the works written by people I
identify as Masters.


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