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HPB's understanding

Feb 24, 1994 04:08 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


     It looks like you might be on to something here.  Where are
these volumes of Tibetan Scriptures now? Recovery and translation of
these texts can give a lot of weight to your theory, if we find them to
be the source of the VOICE and/or the STANZAS.  Of course, the problem
with pulling together documentation of people meeting each other and
such events where no details are known, is that we have to conjecture
so many of the particulars.  The end result is that we can never quite
know whether they add up to a profound historical link, or just a damn
good story.  Of course, since you are devoting three chapters to this
topic, there is a lot more to it then you are giving here.  However it
comes out, I know that I will be discovering a lot of new material
here.  I look forward to reading about it.

     It's interesting that you say that H.P.B. could read
Sanskrit "fluently." Where did you find a reference to this? I recall
Olcott has a story in ODL that may indicate that she also could read


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