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Responses to Paul, Jim

Feb 08, 1994 11:05 AM
by Arvind Kumar

Paul Johnson

> Since then, however,
> I have explored the Fourth Way movement and Swami
> Satchidananda's satsang in local groups, have participated in
> A.R.E. Study Group program, and have studied astrology at some
> length. Going to India was the high point of my life and I
> would like to make contact with an experientially-oriented
> group with some links to Sikhism; thus the interest in
> Radhasoami and offshoots.  I gather that the Beas outfit is
> very conservative, makes you give up meat and alcohol to get
> initiated etc. and am wondering if the Sawan Kirpal Ruhani
> Mission (Darshan Singh's disciples, with an ashram here in VA)
> might be easier to approach.

Paul, sorry it took me a little while but I did have a
couple of follow-up questions on this information you
gave out sometime back.

What is the Fourth Way movement, and ARE study group program?
Who is Swami Satchitananda; does he teach Hatha Yoga as well
(I have a videotape of a Swami Satchitananda who has an
Ashram somewhere in WVirginia with a bunch of exercises on
it).   Also, where are you located these days, in Virginia
or Boston?

Jim Meier

I got the text of your talk and other Lucis Trust materials
a few days back; thanks.  We hosted a couple of talks by Sarah
Mchecknie in the Dallas area a couple of years ago, and I have
with me plenty of very good literature.

Are you planning to send the text of your talk anywhere for
publication; have you considered it for posting on theos-l?
It gives an excellent historical overview of the theosophical
organizations and puts the Bailey material in perspective.

We have at least three Bailey study groups in the Dallas area,
and if you tell me when exactly you are coming, I'd be glad
to arrange at least a lunch or something with a friend of mine
who belongs to one of these three groups.  You can call me at
214 997 0613 during ofc hrs (214 867 0101 otherwise) to set up
the time and place to meet etc.  There are three groups
not because of any quarrel or anything but rather due to the
spread of the area and the difficulty of reaching the locations
for everyone in this vast area.

I am glad to note that you are enjoying the discussions on AAB/
HPB that we are having.  I'd love to see you contribute to the
discussion as well, as and when possible.

Regarding Zip Codes,  I am told the Post Office now has adopted
Zip+6 as the new standard (I noted it on some of the newsletters
that I get).  The theory is that if you put all 6 digits after
the zip code, the letters will reach the destination much
faster, or at least a little faster.  So our zip code indeed
is 75023-800824.

One last thing.  I also heard from a person about the
possibility of starting an on-line Bailey discussion group on
the Internet.  Will let you know more as and when I find
out more, if you are interested.

All the best,


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